Welcome to Valiente Fresh Produce Inc.

Since 2010, Valiente Fresh Produce has supplied premium-quality wholesale organic products and fresh produce to wholesale buyers throughout the United States. We are proud to service industry-leading clients with the freshest produce from the finest farms throughout Mexico, Central America and South America.


The Valiente Advantage

Our unique approach to produce distribution starts with our growers. We have worked to build strong working relationships with each of our trusted producers. providing us with the connections to the individuals and companies who grow every single coconut, tomato, Mexican Lemon and Avocado that we sell.

This innovative, relationship-based method eliminates the hassles, delays and miscommunication that can often occur when dealing with third-party produce suppliers and brokers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and delivery of exceptionally fresh, high-quality organic products and produce.

We have established government-approved distribution programs within each of the countries where our producers are located to ensure full compliance with both local and international regulations. Our team works directly with every producer to maintain the high quality and consistency of every one of the organic products that we import.

Our Products

Valiente Fresh Produce specializes in supplying wholesale buyers with quality products that can be difficult to source in the United States. We currently offer the following fresh products:

We are proud to bring the best in wholesale fresh produce to American buyers, and we invite you to contact us for more information about our unique, farm-to-market products. For more information about our suppliers, organic products and purchasing options, please contact us today via email or phone. We look forward to working with you to connect your customers with the world’s finest coconut, avocado, tomato and Mexican Lemon growers from Mexico, South America and Central America.